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Thanks to PBS Frontline and it's amazing DVDs we will explore different religions of the world: Mormonism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity. Breakfast goodies will be served! Join Rev. Bill Voigt at 9:00 am Sundays in the Upper Room West.

Map and directions to Trinity Presbyterian Church.


Sunday Mornings:

8:00 am           Worship (Chapel)
9:00 am        Christian Education
10:30 am     Worship (Sanctuary)
11:45 am       Christian Education

Nursery Available 9:00 am To Noon

Wednesday Evenings:

5:00 pm                  Bible Study
6:00 pm             Chapel Service
6:30 pm                        Supper
7:15 pm                  Programs &
                         Service Projects

Mission Trip Friday May 9
BorderLinks, a non-profit agency in Tucson, will lead us on a day trip to learn about immigration issues in Arizona. We will travel to Florence to see and speak with detainees being held in jail, government agents, Border Patrol and immigration rights advocates. We will also watch court proceedings for immigrants awaiting deportation. Learn from the experts, educate yourself and then form your opinions. Please call the church office at 623-2579 to reserve your space.


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